Cellular (or Honeycomb) Shades are the new BIG thing

Norman Portrait SmartriseNorman Portrait Smartrise
Well, okay maybe not the new big thing. They have been around for a long, long time. We are now carrying Norman Window Fashions NEW (as of March 2014) Portrait Honeycomb Shades. There is what seems like an unlimited number of styles and options. There are tons of colors as well opacity levels, such as sheer, light filtering, semi-opaque, room darkening, and designer fabrics. There is also our fire retardant fabric (NFPA701 compliant) for those of us with pyromaniac children. There is 3/8″ single, double, and 3/4″ single cell, as well as, Smartrise cordless, top/down bottom up, day/ night, and many more options to choose from.
One of the best things about cellular shades is the insulating value. They trap a lot of air between the shade and the window to assist in keeping your room the desired temperature. Another great thing about Norman Portrait Honeycomb Shades is the fact that they are priced competitively. We are offering a FREE cordless upgrade on all shades to anyone who mentions this article.

All Plantation Shutters are NOT created equally!

buy shutter atlanta

Motorized bottom/split tilt over jacuzzi tub

Over the years we have been approached by many different plantation shutter suppliers trying to sell us their products. We have even searched for shutter suppliers to find the lowest priced shutters.

I have only found one shutter company that I am willing to attach the High Country Blinds and Shutters name to and that is NORMAN SHUTTERS. Norman Shutters are the worlds largest shutter manufacturer and builds the highest quality shutter in the industry, hands down!

We are able to be competitive on pricing, yet there are other local companies who are willing to sacrifice quality to sell products at a lower price.

Cafe Style Norman Shutters

Cafe Style Norman Shutters

In spite of the fact that we offer Norman Shutters at the lowest price in Atlanta , there are customers who are willing to sacrifice quality to save a dollar.

Plantation shutters are not the place to sacrifice when it comes to investing in your home!

I could bore you with all of the details about how the shutters are made, such as the engineered stiles, quarter sawn louvers, built in latch magnet, the mortise and tennon joints, and 5 coats of paint with hand sanding between each coat, but I am not gonna do that.

The best thing to do is to see for yourself. If you are in the market for shutters you should shop around a little and look at the details on each shutter, then give us a call so we can show you what the best shutters look like.

Keep in mind that some of the largest, most reputable companies offer Norman Shutters, but I guarantee that HIGH COUNTRY BLINDS & SHUTTERS will be the lowest on price.

Plantation Blinds or 2″ blinds?

2 in Fauxwood Natural with common valence


What is the difference between plantation blinds and 2″ blinds? NOTHING! When I first got in the blinds and shutter business I used to tell people, “I don’t have plantation blinds, only plantation shutters.” Wasn’t I a dummy?! Well, since the early days I have realized that there are a lot of different names for 2″ blinds. Plantation blinds are 2″ wood blinds or faux wood blinds. You can also call 2″ fauxwood, fake wood, poly, PVC, PVC foam, and some companies come up with fancy names for their faux blinds so that don’t have to say faux. Our best selling product is 2″ faux wood blinds. They look great and price is right. Wood is great, don’t get me wrong, but if you don’t have to have real wood blinds then faux is the way to go. Our 2″ fauxwood slats are constructed of a dense PVC foam and coated with a hard, yet flexible PVC shell. Our slats also have the highest UV rating in the industry to prevent yellowing in direct sunlight. Along with the other top-of-the-line components that are used to build our blinds, whether you call them plantation blinds or 2″ blinds, you will be happy you used High Country Blinds & Shutters for your custom made blinds.

Lowest priced blinds…for real?

Dr. Bola said we had the lowest priced blinds

Dr. Bola said we had the lowest priced blinds

Does High Country Blinds really have the lowest priced custom made 2″ fauxwood blinds in Atlanta?? We say we do, but do we really?? Some of my customers say we do and other potential customers say they found somebody cheaper. I’m not really sure anymore. Everywhere you turn, retailers, the service industry, everyone is saying “We have the lowest prices in town!” As far as blinds go, Compared to Hunter Douglas our prices are super low…but compaired to Lowes Basic Blindz (A.K.A. Blinds with a “Z”), our prices may not look so low. You have to weigh out quality, service and overall value. The Hunter Douglas is a great product, the Mercedes Benz of Blinds. The Basic Blindz are kinda like a ’72 Pinto station wagon. The pinto will get you back and forth to work, but people will snicker at you when you drive by. Most of us can’t afford the Benz, but it looks and runs great! Well, we have the closest blind you can get to the Mercedes…in fact, the components in our window blinds come from the same supplier that Hunter Douglas uses. On top of that, we will measure your windows, have everything custom made (width and length) including our solid PVC 3 1/2″ crown valence, can deliver and install in as little as 3 days, and cover it all with a lifetime warranty. So do we really have the lowest prices around? If you are compareing apples to apples, we would say “Yes”, 100% without a doubt…but that’s what they all say, right?